Day 1

Arrive on a leisure afternoon and refresh by walking around the lovely valley. In addition to the Hui-style suites and villas in the resort, Lu Village, the original inspiration of the Hui architecture, is just 10 minutes walk away. Less crowded, Lu Village features Lu Baiwan and his decedents estates. It is a perfect occasion to observe local people's lifestyle without massive tourists around.

In the evening, enjoy a spectacular performance of Aju, featuring the a Hui lady's legendary life, supporting her family and husband with her strengths and wisdom. Performed on each Tuesday and Thursday, it welcomes you with an artistic perspective of local people's lives.


Day 2

Reserve enough time for the awe-inspiring Mount Huangshan. Appreciate the unique charm of the fairyland-like mountain spectacles - peaks, rocks, stone bridge, platform, pines and cloud sea, and add an extra taste of exhilarating adventure to your holiday. 


Day 3

Head down to visit Chengkan Village, a famous ancient estate featuring the mysterious Bagua Culture in China. With the mountain at its back and water up front, the village itself has a perfect Fengshui. Brick, wood and stone carving shows the exquisiteness of local crafts, evoking your inner artists to appreciate its rarity. It is an oasis of simple village life, even more so if you are drawn to the captivating myths of Bagua. 


Day 4

A thriving Hui-culture cluster at the foot of Mt. Huangshan always bring you surprises and fun for exploration. Come to Tunxi village this time, and take a stroll on its famous ancient street, discover the many shops that have existed for over one hundred years alongside and shop for your friends and families back home.

Visit Liyang in Lane in the afternoon, a newly-built lifestyle location for a modern interpretation of the ancient culture. Cafes, church, tea houses, bars, but also lanterns,  ancient  drama stage, ancestral halls. Pick one to renew your unwinding experience, and witness how modern and old, oriental and western style can be in such a harmonious co-existence.


Day 5

Still have stamina? Pick our bicycle at the resort and head to the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Hongcun. It fully captures the very essence of historic Chinese culture, globally recognized for its delicacy, intrigue, and charm. Wander around the Huizhou architecture and look for exquisite displays of carving -on wood, brick, and stones, to experience elegance, simplicity and dignity in perfect harmony.