Food On the Sunset Breezes

Dao Hoang, the front office manager for Banyan Tree Lăng Cô in Vietnam explains what excites her most about this idyllic spot Lăng Cô is somewhere that people can truly enjoy and absorb the culture and heritage of Vietnam. Along its central coastline are numerous historical sites, and some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen in my country. The best way to experience the countryside here is by cycling through the villages and padi fields. And the best time for a bike ride is just before sunset. You shouldn’t leave Lăng Cô without trying the seafood — it’s extremely fresh, and cooked completely different to anywhere else. Perhaps most popular are the scallops with lemon grass, or the steamed mussels with spring onions and peanuts. We also have a special type of spring roll with freshly caught fish which our guests get to roll themselves at the table. Fresh, simple and so delicious.


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