Brand Stories

In days gone by, merchants would gather under the leafy branches of a banyan tree to conduct business in the cooling shade. Over time, this unique tree has come to symbolise the relief and shelter provided by nature to all men and women. Today, it is also the name of a special group of hotels that stretches across the globe and offers rest and relaxation to the world-weary. With attentive, yet discreet staff, Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts provide naturally-luxurious, ecologically sensitive, culture-aware experiences for the discerning, responsible traveller. They are quite simply, the way things should be.

The Banyan Tree Story

Banyan Tree Phuket
What is true beauty? This was the question asked by 600 acres of land in Phuket, Thailand. And the answer has come to define the role of Banyan Tree resorts in the world. Many years ago, our founders purchased a vast expanse of coastal land punctuated by lagoons of the most intense cobalt blue. Only to discover that its beauty came not from Mother Nature, but the pollution of the previous tenant, a tin mine.

Rather than walk away, they dedicated themselves to cleansing the acid-laden soil and planting more than 7,000 trees. In doing so, they transformed this ecological wasteland into the environmentally-sensitive, first Banyan Tree resort – an oasis that today, is both beautiful and true.