Erkunden Sie die alten Dörfer Xidi und Hongcun, besonders geschätzte UNESCO-Welterbestätten, und erleben Sie das kulturelle und historische Vermächtnis der Hui in voller Pracht.


Berg Huangshan

Wandern Sie den Berg Huangshan hinauf und erleben Sie das überwältigende Phänomen „Licht Buddhas“ bei Sonnenaufgang


Hui Culture

Unlock a museum with more than 2,000years splendid Hui cultures, Huangshan City present Hui Carving, painting, architecture, cuisine and opera to home and abroad.


Lucun Village

Walk from resort 5 minutes to a tranquil village, wood carving buildings narrate the elaborated sculpture-art and story about history.


Tunxi Acient Street

Suited near confluence of Heng River, Shuai River and Xian River, Tunxi Acient Street is China’s most completed South Song and Ming, Qing Dynasties architecture.


Huangshan Monkey Valley

Escape to the natural wonders of Huangshan Monkey Valley, for an unforgettable experience, you’ll have the adventure interact with Monkey through lush jungle and spectacular mountain trails.


Qiyun Mountain

As famed one of the four sacred mountain of Taoist, noted for its numerous inscriptions and monasteries, temples.


Shexian County

Creating learning opportunities with the historical and cultural renowned town, Shexian County was set up back over 2000 years ago, which was the seat of the local government in five dynasties. Local Inkstick and inkstone is precious cultural treasure.


Keemun Tea Plantation

Through the slopes of the green hills, Keemun Tea had been produced exclusively in the Qimen County in late 19th century. This tea is known for the orchid-like fragrance and non-astringent taste. 


Peach-blossom Spring

Named as essay <Peach-blossom Spring>wrote by Tao Yuanming, famous litterateur of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. This is the land of idyllic beauty with crystal-clear water and graceful Rocky Mountains.


Emerald Valley

Emerald Valley also named “Lover’s Valley” is about 6 km long, along with more than 100 emerald ponds in different shapes. Among them there are 40 bigger ones that are as large as 30 meters wide, while the smallest one is only like a horse—hoof.


Xinan River

Originating at Xiuning County, Xinan River is the main stream of Qiantang River, the 372kilometer has beautiful scenery on both banks.


Mukeng Bamboo Forest

Step into Yi County, Mukeng bamboo forest welcoming guests to a secluded wonderland. It is the location of the famous prize film< Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon>.