Erholung und Entspannung

It may seem daunting to manage a large contingent of executives and plan a successful event. Rest assured that our event specialists will be with you from start to finish, ensuring that your event is a successful and memorable one. Start early. Our experienced team shares basic tips on how to get on top of each milestone during planning and execution. Please contact our event managers if you need to address any aspect of your event at Banyan Tree. An off-site involves relocating your team en masse to the designated venue. You need to ensure that inbound and outbound group travel is planned to the smallest detail.

Living on a jet plane

  • Book early to enjoy airfare promotional offers
  • Confirm the validity of passports of your team members for overseas travel
  • Need a Visa? Avoid hassle of waiting at the airport - get in advance
  • Arrange airport pick up and drop off with hotel or local transport provider
  • Check the terms and conditions of airline tickets for cancellations and no-show

Banyan Tree resorts are set in picturesque locales with rooms available in different sizes, permutations and combinations. Providing modern conveniences and creature comforts. You may want to allocate rooms based on the profile of attendees and the theme of the business event.

Get a room with a view

  • Check the resort layout to optimise group accommodation
  • Segregate groups into clusters of rooms to maximise networking
  • Block rooms early to ensure the team members can stay in close proximity

Banyan Tree inspires group activities both at the resort as well as outdoors. Your team members get to know each other better at a personal and professional level by participating in diverse group events.

Work at leisure

  • Learn about the interests and hobbies of team members
  • Evaluate the fitness level of group for physical activities
  • Explore excursions to immerse your team in local culture

Banyan Tree offers expansive meeting spaces and advanced facilities to ensure the success of your business meeting or conference.

Business agenda

  • Brief your team about the venue, breakout rooms and seating arrangements
  • Undertake rehearsal sessions with key speakers at the venue
  • Schedule adequate breaks between

Organise a meeting, retreat or conference without breaking into a sweat. Contact our event specialists at Banyan Tree and we will take care of the stress.