Lijiang China Trekking

The pulse radiating from Lijiang, Yunnan resonates a symphony full of soul, peace and ethnic harmony. To the north of this beautiful city rises the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, a sacred sanctuary which has protected ethnic minorities and their unique cultures since ancient times.

The Old Town of Lijiang is regarded as the Venice of the Orient because of the many bridges and canals that lace through the maze of cobbled streets. This historic town was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 for its ethnic charm, historical milieu and architectural landscape.

Discover China’s regal past when you visit Banyan Tree Lijiang.

Shangrila Trekking Trails

In Lijiang, the call of the wild mingles effortlessly with the genteel bustle of scenic medieval towns. Discover astounding natural sights on a day tour to the Tiger Leaping Gorge or Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Shop to your heart’s content for charming historical artifacts on a city tour of the old town. There is a story behind every encounter in this land of warm smiles and spectacular landscapes.

After a day of exploring, a truly oriental spa experience awaits at Banyan Tree Lijiang, a stunning Naxi-inspired resort set amidst the lush snow-capped peaks of Lijiang heritage town. Banyan Tree Spa Lijiang promises an unforgettable experience for guests with its exotic architectural accents, warm hospitality and therapists’ soothing touch.

Banyan Tree Lijiang Guided Trekking Tours

Springtime in this corner of Shangrila erupts in a frisson of color, dotting the soft meadows with vivid bursts of camellias and rhododendrons. Follow the trail of nomadic herders as they lead their livestock and yaks to graze at Yak Meadow. Or revisit the traditional customs of the minority Naxi, Lishu, Pumi and Moshuo people. A Lishu shaman’s knife mountain climbing ritual and a fire sea jumping ceremony are other unmissable highlights of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain tour.

Explore the fascinating alleyways and evocative labyrinth of cobblestone paths of Dayan old town - a well-preserved UNESCO site. Walk through the atmospheric old streets, where stately canals, flowering willow trees and Naxi-styled houses jostle for space with travelers in search of sheer architectural splendor.

In Shangrila, your explorations are done either on foot, horseback or bicycle. Find more treks and tours at Banyan Tree Lijiang.

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