Ringha Trekking

A gatekeeper of the surrounding slopes and temple, Banyan Tree Ringha has treks and tours for the adventurous and the curious. Journey off the beaten track, and you will catch a rare glimpse of a distant world, a way of life unchanges for thousands of years.

Mountain peaks touched by the clouds, endless valleys and tranquil lakes, this ancient site offers a journey of pure discovery.

With such a kaleidoscope of seasonal experiences, soft-adventure is the natural way of exploring the highland flora and fauna, especially via trekking and horse riding. At the same time, Banyan Tree Ringha offers cultural discovery. Songzanlin Monastery and Ringha’s Temple of the 5 Wisdom Buddhas provide a fascinating introduction to the mystery and traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, from simple meditative prayer ceremonies performed daily by the lamas to elaborate mask dance festivals celebrated only on auspicious occasions.

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Ringha Trekking Trails

The most natural path is that of water running its course. Following this ancient wisdom, the Shu Du Gang River Trek traces the meandering course of Ringha’s holy river away from the vast plain of the valley into the mountains. The trail winds through a mixture of pine forest and cherry trees that are much loved for their blossoms in spring.

Walking along the edge of the mountain high above the river, you will be mesmerized by the inspiring sound of water rushing beneath you. A picnic lunch is prepared in the comfort of a shady birch tree grove by the river, right between two rock cliffs, where hidden behind the foliage it is possible to spot flighty wildlife and listen to the distant sounds of the forest. Bears and wolves are known to have roamed these parts of the woods in the past, but you would have to be extremely lucky to encounter one these days.

Banyan Tree Ringha Trekking Tours

Discover the warmth and hospitality of the Tibetan people who welcome strangers with a cup of fragrant yak butter tea. Learn about Tibetan architecture and the different aspects of a traditional wooden village house. And find out how to tell whether a young woman is married or searching for a husband by looking at the costume she wears.

The Shangrila Culture Tour provides fascinating insights into Tibetan life and its many unique traditions and customs by taking you on a walk through the picturesque villages and undulating pastures. The village ladies showcase the elaborate techniques used for spinning fur into long threads and weaving treasured rugs and warm clothes for the winter.

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