Mangrove Discovery Tour

This tour won the 2003 PATA Gold Award for Ecotourism and Travel-Related Projects. Journey along the Sebung River and enjoy the remarkable scenery of the mangrove, which leads you into a thick primary jungle. This 90-minute eco-adventure will take you on a back-to-nature encounter with the wonders of Bintan's mangrove forests as you discover various types of mangrove plants with their unique roots, wild animals such as monkeys, snakes, monitor lizards and kingfishers, and enjoy forest serenity. Along the way, you may also catch sight of local fishermen fishing or catching crabs and shrimps. The Mangrove Discovery Night tour is enchanting as it is magical. Be mesmerised by the twinkling stars in the night sky and fireflies flitting among the mangrove roots as you cruise down the river into the calm and serenity of the mangrove forests.


Gunung Bintan Adventure Trek

Challenge the 340-metre high Gunung Bintan mountain by trekking through Bintan's rainforest. Discover giant trees that are more than 40 metres tall and catch a glimpse of rare animals such as Silver Leaf Monkeys, deer, Sun Birds, eagles and many more. Upon descent from the mountain, step under the waterfall to receive a cool shower of blessings. Try seasonal fruits which are available in the wild such as the spiky durian, fragrant jackfruits, rambutan, mangosteens, duku, banana, papaya, and pineapples.


South Bintan Heritage Points

Senggarang, a little Chinese fishing settlement where you will find an intriguing 200-year-old Banyan Tree, a popular pilgrimage site for the local Buddhists. Walk through the Chinese Park and you will see a Giant Buddha statue watching and protecting the island. On Penyengat Island, you will encounter interesting heritage sites such as an old Dutch fort, old palaces and the Sultan of Riau's Grand Mosque.


A Tanjung Pinang Trip

A journey to the capital and harbour of Bintan Island where you will get a glimpse into the daily lifestyle of this local trading port. Along the way, stop and shop for dried seafood and various types of kerupuk, the prawn or fish-flavoured crackers and one of Tanjung Pinang's favourite snacks.