Royal Banyan

This signature therapy features the Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage where a herbal pouch is dipped in warm Sesame Oil, complements the East-meets-West massage techniques to improve blood circulation and muscular tension. The Lemongrass Cucumber Cleanser deeply exfoliates while moisturising the skin. This signature experience culminates with the relaxing Foot Massage which aids in alleviating stress and boosting body circulation.


Andalas Beauty – For Her

Traditionally used as an ingredient in body soap in Indonesia, candle nut and coconut milk are used in the Kemiri Nut Purifier to exfoliate, cleanse, moisturise and soften dry skin. A massage and facial complement this top to toe beauty experience.


Jaya Prana Vigour – For Him

Indulge in a complete head-to-toe indulging treat starting with an Herbs & Spices Scrub which cleanses and heals the body. The Avocado Body Wrap further nourishes the skin preparing the body for the soothing Hot Stones Massage where heated river stones are massaged over your body, exerting warmth and pressure on energy points to encourage the flow of "qi" and discharge of toxins from your system.


Rainmist Spritz – For Her

Indulge in this divine treat for the senses, which includes the Soya Bean Purifier and Avocado Nourisher to cleanse and nourish your body before the sensory pleasure of the tickling Rain Shower that follows. This session brings you perfect tranquillity as tension is massaged away by the therapeutic touch of the therapist.