Royal Banyan

This signature therapy features the Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage where a herbal pouch dipped in warm Sesame Oil, complements the East-meets-West massage techniques to improve blood circulation and muscular tension. The Jade Face Massage improves skin condition and firms up facial muscles, leaving behind a glowing complexion.


Thai Beauty Ritual - For Her

Specially created with a Thai recipe, using a blend of herbs, spices and Thai perfume, the Thai Lulur Purifier is an effective cleanser and skin softener, while the Pumpkin Nourisher further nourishes the skin. Experience a sense of deep relaxation with the Balancing Massage and Face Massage.


Thai Ginger Healer - For Him

Aching muscles are soothed and skin is restored to its natural radiance with healing Thai treatments. Guided by our spa therapist through the Yoga Massage, the gentle and therapeutic stretching will improve circulation and flexibility.


Signature Master Therapist Experience

Let the intuitive touch of our expert Master Therapist rejuvenate and restore energy that was thought to be long gone. A 90-minute massage performed by an elite group of highly skilled Master Therapists, the Master Therapist Experience draws on the experience of the therapists to tailor a massage using a repertoire of signature Banyan Tree Spa massage techniques which are adapted to suit each individual guest.