Hue Festival

The Hue Festival is a big cultural event held every two years. There is a week (usually in April, May or June) for each festival season during which cultural and historical values of Vietnam's former capital city are honoured. The first Hue Festival took place in 2000. Visitors can enjoy a colorful and grand opening ceremony with unique performances of several art groups from Vietnam and other countries. The Hue Festival has become a space of cultural exchange between people around the world. During the festival, there are a variety of cultural events taking place such as the Hue Poetry Festival, traditional kite flying, street art performances, a dialogue of drums and percussion instruments, art exhibitions, a film festival entitled Week of Historical Vietnamese Films, and boat racing along the Huong River. Visitors can also come and explore traditional Vietnamese values at Gastronomy Quarters, or watch the Ao Dai Grand show, an Oriental night show.


Danang International Fireworks Competition

Danang International Fireworks Competition is an annual international fireworks competition hosted by Danang City. The first Danang International Fireworks Competition was held in 2008. Every year, the competition usually takes place at the end of April with the participation of three to four international competitors and the host - Danang City. Each year, firework display teams perform in different themes for two nights. After nightfall, visitors will experience a colourful party of firework performances on the Han River in Danang City. After the celebration, engage in other recreational activities such as art performances, fireworks photo exhibition and water sports. These offer tourists an exciting and deep impression on the charming riverside city.


Lunar New Year Festival

Lunar New Year Festival - the occasion that marks the beginning of a new year in lunar calendar, is also called "Tet" or "Tet Nguyen Dan" in Vietnamese. This is the most important festival in Vietnam which usually takes place annually around late January or early February. Lunar New Year Festival in Vietnam has many similar features with Lunar New Year Festival in other regional oriental countries, especially Chinese New Year. However, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year may not coincide with the Chinese Lunar New Year.


Cau Ngu Festival

Takes place in Huong Dien district around the 12th day of the first lunar month and involves a fish-worshipping ceremony to ensure the following year's catches


Quan The Am Festival

Takes place in the Marble Mountains close to Da Nang and involves religious offerings of flowers and prayers, a dharma reading, much traditional singing and dancing, and the floating of lamps on the river.


Dien Hon Chen Festivals

Hon Chen Temple Festival takes place two times a year - in March (Xuan Te festival) and July (Thu Te Festival) .These festival takes place in Ngoc Tran Temple, which is on the mountains Hon Chen and at Hai village, Huong Tra district, Thua thien hue province to worship the Holy Mother Thien Y A Na.