Ju-Ma-Na Bar

Ju-Ma-Na Bar

Ungasan, Bali - Ju-Ma-Na Bar
Sip stylish cocktails and aperitifs in a chic Moroccan ambience at Ju-Ma-Na Bar surrounded by unparalleled views of the Indian Ocean. The bar is ideal for drinks at sunset or a tête-à-tête post-dinner. Enjoy a whiff of the aromas coming through a shisha pipe, as well as a wide selection of snacks and beverages in-line with the bar's Arabic ethos.

Signature Dishes

Ju–Ma-Na Snack

Selections of peanuts and snacks.

Lychee Martini

Gin, lychee liquor and fresh lychee.

Ju-Ma-Na Royal

Champagne flavoured with yuzu essence and Moroccan rose petal water.

The Lava Lamp

Champagne, infused with strawberry and ginger caviar.

Blue pearl

Blue ravioli of gin and tonic with lime air.

Rock the Kasbah

Vanilla infused vodka, crème de fraise and fresh mint, served on the rocks.

Business Information

Open from Tuesday – Sunday  : 4:00pm to midnight