Pool Bar

Pool Bar

Ungasan, Bali - Pool Bar
The Pool Bar is the ideal chill-out place for sun lovers, serving light snacks, drinks and cocktails throughout the day. Located just next to the main swimming pool, this casual bar is full of surprises. The Bar also offers a variety of games and entertainment options.

Signature Dishes

Gado- Gado

Assorted steamed vegetables, potatoes, peanut sauce, tofu, quail eggs, melinjo crackers.

Chicken Satay Lilit

Balinese marinated minced chicken on coconut skewer.

The Lava Lamp

Champagne, infused with strawberry and ginger caviar.

Banyan Tree Club Sandwich 120

Back Bacon, Tomato, Gruyere, Egg, Smoked Chicken, Grilled Vegetable

Tuna Burritos

Business Information

Open daily: 11:30am to 10:30pm