Banyan Tree Ungasan is located on Bali’s southernmost peninsula, high on the cliffs above the rolling waves of the Indian Ocean. The resort was envisioned as a symbiosis of old and new, antiquity and modernity.

The hotel architecture is reminiscent of a traditional Balinese village, while its layout is such as to maximise the space on the cliffside and to offer unparalleled ocean views.

To pay homage to the local tradition, the resort was designed along the “kaja-kelod”, the axis from North to South separating the mountain and sea.

The mix of open and enclosed spaces further accentuates the dramatic vistas. The experience of arriving and the journey to your villa reveals a surprising variety of architectural forms.

Each of the elegant villas combines high quality craftsmanship with contemporary Balinese architecture and exquisite garden design, against a backdrop of panoramic ocean views.

Water bubbles softly, whether in the lobby or in the villas, to create areas of calmness and retreat. In this environment, it adds a playful and dynamic thread throughout the resort.

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