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Our concierge service is awaiting your arrival. With tips and advice to help you plan your trip to Banyan Tree Bangkok, we ask, what can we do for you?
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We understand your need for someone who listens, provide answers to help you plan, takes care of the arrangements, and makes your trip a perfect experience. Our Banyan Tree Concierge service is here to offer tips and advice to make your trip a smooth and pleasant experience.

Shopping Excursion
Shopping Excursion

With our complimentary Shopping Companion Service, there is no chance of leaving the country without a bargain or two.

Set adrift on the Chao Phraya
Set adrift on the Chao Phraya

The magnificent Chao Phraya River branches into a network of klongs (canals) which for hundreds of years acted as the boulevards and avenues of the city.

Receiving blessings from a monk
Receiving blessings from a monk

Wats, the Thai term for Buddhist temples, offer equally intriguing insights into the cultural makeup of Bangkok.

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