Architecture | Banyan Tree Bintan


Banyan Tree Bintan is built on a site remarkable for being a lush first-growth rainforest nestled along the shoreline - a rare occurrence in Southeast Asia where most coastal lands are inhabited and planted with coconut trees. Many of the trees on the site are 50 to 100 years old and include rare specimens like the Malayan Fern Palm and Crinum Lily.

Inspired by the traditional fishing villages on Bintan island, Banyan Tree Bintan's villas are built on stilts and are carefully set under the canopy of the jungle. To avoid cutting into the steep slopes of the hills, and to prevent soil erosion, the villas were built on platforms and supported by columns which help preserve the towering trees lining the hillside promontory. As a result, villas soar above the ground on platforms, giving a delightful tree-top experience as well as an unforgettable experience of being so close to nature. To preserve Bintan's dramatic terrain, landscaping is kept to a minimum, and most boulders were left where they were. In fact, one spectacular swimming pool within the resort is carved out of rock.

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