Historical Tour

Historical Tour

San Diego Fort was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century to defend ships carrying merchandise from Asia against pirates. Adapted to house the Historic Museum of Acapulco, the fort has 10 exhibition halls that display the history of Mexico and Acapulco, along with the importance of this fort during various periods.

Casa de la Cultura, here you will find cultural, photographs, paintings, along with artefacts and traces of ancient people from the State of Guerrero.

Casa de Mascaras, a private home that has been turned into a gallery for a stunning collection of 550 handmade ceremonial masks, most from the state of Guerrero. Some are representative of masks still used in traditional ritualistic dances such as "Moors and Christians" and "Battle of the Tigers."

Chapel of peace, this chapel was constructed with the purpose of crowning the heights of Acapulco with a spiritual symbol. Built by the architect Gabriel Chavez de la Mora, it has become one of the symbols of modern Acapulco.

Zocalo is a charming plaza surrounded by stores and small restaurants and the Acapulco Garden Club has done a beautiful job with the landscaping.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Solitude, located in the Zocalo and constructed in 1930, the Cathedral is adorned with a dome in the style of mosques and Byzantine towers while the interior of the Cathedral is very simple.

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