When nature is generous, man should not embellish. The more beautiful the natural setting, the more minimalist the design. Our site at Acapulco is truly spectacular: a peninsula with a heavily forested mountain and sharp cliffs with villas built with consideration to the environment .

Banyan Tree Cabo Marqués is designed as an eclectic fusion of tropical Asian and Mexican styles. Focused on a warm colour scheme, the interior gives a feel of ease and luxury. Added into the scheme are touches of typically Mexican vibrant colours.

The minimalist philosophy extends also to the villas. Individual villas are erected on tall pillars, thus minimising the damage to the soil and the natural vegetation.

Virtually all the construction materials are made in Mexico – even the small flat roof tiles, based on the type of clay tiles used on Thai temple roofs.

The interior design features in the villas and public areas are contemporary Mexican. By mixing Asian artworks, the resort gives meaning to what we call a holistic Asian ambience.

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