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Director of Events Management - Angsana Xian Lintong
Post Date January 17, 2014
Location Xian, China
Division Sales and Marketing
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Job Description

1. Establish a filing/documenting system to record all information/details/correspondences exchanged between Sales Associates, the Event Organizer and the Conference Services/Event Management Team for easy reference and retrieval.

2. To systematically communicate the latest information and requests for the Event to ensure a successful event to the client.

3. To understand the dynamics and capabilities of the Operations Team and the Designate Hotel and optimize positive and reverse negative impacts that may arise in your interaction from the Event Organizer.

4. To have an understanding of the total revenue impact of the Event and whenever an opportunity presents itself to up-sell the quality services and facilities available.

5. To work creatively and in tandem with the Director, Food & Beverage and Executive Chef on engineering menus for high profitability and experiential value.

6. To ensure that the Conference Services/Events Management Team understands the importance of high quality of service, through but not limited to establishing a strong rapport with the Event Organizer and guests of the Hotel for return business and/or referral of future business.

7. To have a clear view of what is required to ensure that each Event is successfully organized. Take the initiative to generate new ideas and execute its implementation to set the Designate Hotel apart from its competitors.

8. To effectively diagnose problems, thorough analyses all information/feedbacks received and strategize a win-win situation prior to presenting to the clients. Every negative situation with the Event Organizer must be resolved before the end of the Event and/or departure of the Event Organizer, whichever is the later.

9. To ensure that all manage all in-coming queries and/or requests received from client in regard to their event, and ensure that all correspondence and telephone calls are handled professionally and promptly responded within 24-hours.

10. To provide continual guidance and coaching to all team members.

11. Ensures that all team members are trained according to the SOP guidelines set out by HQ so that the skill set will match their duties.

12. Review and plan KRA sessions with team members on a monthly basis.

13. Develop working relationships with the various Head of Departments to foster good working relationship.

14. Undertakes any other tasks and/or projects as may be assigned by Director, Sales & Marketing.

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