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Director of Sales & Marketing
Post Date May 07, 2014
Location China
Division Sales and Marketing
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Job Description

Job Description
1. Assist GM to make S&M strategies, provide information supporting and advices on relevant key decisions.
2. Making market plans according to the hotel development strategy.
3. Responsible for information collecting on domestic and international policies of hospitality industry, guest and competitor hotels data, analysis the market development tendency.
4. Share and report regularly and accurately to GM and relevant department about sales information, cost control, revenue analysis.
5. Annual sales objective and plan making, giving advice and on sales strategy as well as distribute and supervise the sales tasks and process.
6. In charge of hotel sales strategy and price setting proposals making, checking and consulting with collaboration of management leaders and concerned departments of management leaders and concerned departments.

1. Bachelor degree or above.
2. Three years international hotel management experience in S&M field.
3. Strong sense of responsibility, professional knowledge on variety aspects, initiative and creative is a must. Excellent leadership skills with team work spirit.
4. Strong communication, analysis, and negotiation skills, excellent English verbal and writing ability. 
5. Well experienced on market development and sales, reliable and comprehensive toward customers.

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