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Financial Controller
Post Date March 12, 2014
Location Samui, Thailand
Division Finance and Administration
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Job Description

Skills/ Competencies required :
• Minimum of five years experience in similar capacity or similar field.
• Must have completed two years employment in current property.
• Open to all nationals.
• Able to enforce documents and establish effective controls for all revenues, expenses and protection of assets.
• Able to maintain accurate and timely financial and operating information and provides analysis, interpretation and projections to management.
• Able to coordinate with department heads in the preparation and implementation of the hotel’s annual business plan.
• Able to control capital and FF&E expenditure to ensure compliance with justifications and approvals.
• Able to implement and maintain effective accounting practices and procedures as required by corporate policy; generally accepted accounting principles and local legal requirements and regulations.
• Able to direct and manage the cost control, purchasing and storeroom functions ensuring effective systems are in place.
• Able to administer all hotel insurance programs in conjunction with corporate office.
• Able to approve all contracts, leases and other legal documents and ensures their safekeeping.
• Able to act as authorized signatory, ensuring that allowances, adjustments, purchase requests, cheques and other documents are approved accordingly.
• Able to participate in all wage and salary administration functions.
• Able to lead and is responsible for the implementation of the internal talent development program.

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