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Recreation Manager
Post Date April 17, 2014
Location Bali, Indonesia
Division Guest Relations
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Job Description

Job Description
The chosen candidate shall report to the Rooms Division Manager
The chosen candidate shall be responsible for formulating the recreation policy and procedures which reflecting the philosophy and mission of Banyan Tree Resort, putting emphasis on recreational services and activity programs that shall become part of the unique and distinguished “Banyan Tree Experience”. Responsible for transmitting such policy as well as directing, coordinating, initiating, developing and supervising the successful function of the recreation teams throughout the group resorts.

Key Deliverables shall include:
• Formulates recreation policies and procedures that reflect the philosophy and mission of Banyan Tree Resort and underscore unique, high quality daily resort and outside recreational services and activities that shall become part of the real and renowed “Banyan Tree Experience”. Handle high quality daily resort and outside recreational services and activities.
• Continually evaluates the characteristic, settings and clientele profile of each property to ensure that recreational facilities and activity programs meet or surpass the specific needs of each property to achieve maximum guest satisfaction.
• Supervises, directs and co-ordinates the recreation teams including kids club, gym, library, main pool, villa pool and beach areas.
• Supervises and disciplines associates under his/her direct control.
• Builds efficient teams by coaching and counseling and taking an active interest in their welfare, safety and security, training and career development programs.
• Develop resort recreation facilities and programs.

Desired Skills & Experience
Years of related experience: Minimum of 5 years in Hospitality Industry of Recreational Management
Education: Minimum, Diploma in Hospitality, Tourism, Business Studies or related certification

Required Job Skills:
• Excellent command of the English language
• Ability to express effective, clear and concise written and verbal communication
• Well read and spoken
• Excellent communicator, organizer and motivator
• Excellent leadership and organizational skills, good administrative skills
• Dynamic, creative, innovative and highly result driven
• Good planner and problem solver
• Exceptional customer service skills
• Extensive knowledge of recreational working practices in a 5-star hospitality setting
• Computer literate
• Well versed with first aid, health and safety practices
• Understanding of finance

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