Architecture | Banyan Tree Chongqing Beibei


Designed to highlight the aesthetic values and cultural elements of the region, the property’s architecture and interior decoration feature various traditional Chongqing-style design essentials.

Complementing its natural surroundings , the resort’s architecture is largely inspired by the unique Min Guo-style, a hybrid of Chinese and Western elements. The resort’s buildings also feature prominently, the design principles of Chongqing-style multi-story folk houses. This can be seen in walls with horizontal and vertical exposed wood bands that are filled with brick, bamboo slats and plaster. Ceilings are exposed, framed with round ridge beams and decorative brackets.

Peony and Lotus motifs can be seen throughout the resort as the former symbolizes nobility, wealth and luck, while the latter represents blissful pairings. To further impart a sense of place, renowned Shu Embroidery, Sichuan opera and lacquer work accents appear in villa and suite interiors, as well as communal spaces.