Boat Excursion Tour

For a fun day out with the family, sail down the winding Jialing River on a boat while enjoying the charming natural scenes


Sightseeing in Chongqing

Families will be fascinated by the intricate beauty of Jindao Gorge and the enigmatic Dazu Carvings.


Visit Jin Gang Bei

An old town charmingly showcasing the best of Chongqing's architecture, families will find numerous multi-storeyed folk houses to take pictures of and explore.


Feast On Local Delicacies

Partake of the best that Chongqing cuisine has to offer. The region features around 40 cooking methods and its traditional dishes are generally strongly flavoured and spicy. Mainstay ingredients include chilli peppers, sesame, fermented black beans, scallions and the aromatic blend of ginger, garlic, wine and soy sauce.


Nature Walk

Hike through lush foliage in the beautiful state nature reserve of Jinyun Mountains, with nine adventurous peaks to explore and historical relics such as the Giant Buddha statue to admire. The mountains are located half an hour away from the resort and are set on the banks of Wentang Gorge.


A Hot Pot Dining experience at Jin Yao Xuan and Hot Spring Dipping session with the family

Savour Chongqing's signature Hot Pot dish at Jin Yao Xuan. After partaking of mouthwateringly piping hot food, the family can enjoy a soak in the private hot spring pool.


In-Villa Dining

A must-do is the In-Villa dining experience with your personal dining team. Enjoy the In-Villa BBQ, a tantalisingly delicious spread of outdoor barbecue foods, expertly prepared and flamed for you while you spend quality time with your family.


Resort Biking with the family

Take a leisurely spin around the gloriously beautiful resort grounds and breathe in fresh air.


Visit Lao She's Home

Visit Lao Shem, a famous Chinese writer and explorer, the grounds of this venerable novelist's old residence.