Xixi Plum Blossom Celebration

Being an annual event of significance for Xixi National Wetland Park in springtime, the activities for Xixi Plum Blossom Visiting Festival grow in abundance each year. Experience the beauty and lingering charm of the famed Xixi plum blossom via specially designed routes calculated to draw out the best of this blossom's sweetness.


Dragon Boat Festival

This annual dragon boat race is held at Jiang Village during the Dragon Boat Festival, with thousands of people coming from far and wide to celebrate the occasion. Drums are beaten and gongs struck while flags are waved and battle cries whooped to produce an extraordinary atmosphere of lush excitement. The festival is rich in history and is believed to have been started during the Tang Dynasty. It was hailed the Spectacular Event of Dragon Boat Racing by Emperor Qianlong, who reigned during the Qing Dynasty and visited Yangtze River's south one year.


Xixi Fire Persimmon Festival

The Xixi Fire Persimmon Festival grows larger each year. During the 2013 festival, Xixi Wetland Park prepared an overwhelming 50,000 kilogrammes of persimmon to distribute to visitors. The persimmon of the region is known for its large fruit, thin skin, juicy meat and flavourful sweetness. The ancient locals have an heirloom saying running along the lines of ʺWith yellow, orange and red persimmon and purple water nuts, one does not envy a marquise with a fief of 10,000 familiesʺ.