Design Inspiration

Full-bodied Hui Style design meets Mother Nature at the exclusive Banyan Tree Huangshan, where world- renowned interior design from Dharmali Kusumadi, to create an eastern oasis of harmony and elegance that is sympathetic to the location's geography and the indigenous Anhui culture.

Marked with unique Hui cultural and topography, Dharmali has created one of the most stunning architectural landscapes in Huangshan, providing each and every gutest's a room with a view.

The Hui Culture combines the local ethos, clanism, Confucian school of idealistic philosophy, and commercialism with long history to thread all aspect into resort design. Surrounding by natural open-air pathways and ancient village, Banyan Tree Huangshan set in a serene atmosphere and exquisite white wall and grey tiled roofs are rich with aesthetic flow.

Huangshang is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China. The area is well known for its scenery, sunsets, peculiarly shapedgranite peaks, Huangshan Pine trees, and views of the clouds from above.

Blending nature elements with attractive Hui culture, Dharmali create the resort's beautiful interiors with innovative design. Hui style houses mainly reflect the mountainous features, geomantic omen, and the beautiful terrain, typically ones with skylights, our resort's courtyard in lobby has a quadrate skylight to reduce the beat of sunshine and enjoy ventilation, also drain off water to the skylight which means fortune will not run off outside. Ancient building houses mostly wooden structure, the Column, Fang, Purlins, Rafters and beams are featured into resort's design, bring a classic Hui architecture to connect with contemporary comfort, have interwoven into unpretentious and intimate space. In the spacious guest rooms, decorative arts inspired by traditional patterns perfectly complement the bamboo and vegetation sourced from the valley.

The artworks are authentic story-teller of local culture, clouds pattern on the wooden carving doors and carpet symbolizes never-ending fortune; pine-wood decoration reflect Huangshan's abundant nature; wall painting awaken mind to enjoy breathtaking landscape; brick carving showing 1000years traditional handicrafts.

Banyan Tree Huangshan offering an unrivalled space and profound culture experience.