Old Town Shopping Tour

Lying in a broad, fertile valley fringed by the towering, snow-capped
peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the old town of Dayan was built during the Southern Song Dynasty eight centuries ago. Browse through the many charming handicraft and antique shops in the old town where you can shop for a superb assortment of local produce, embroidery and silverware.


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour

Resembling a sleeping dragon in repose, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
slumbers majestically 5,486 metres above sea level. Its main peak,
Shanzidou ranks among the tallest glaciers in the world. Enjoy the romantic bliss of spring amidst the vivid bursts of camellias and rhododendrons.


Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

A visit to this scenic masterpiece is the highlight of any visit to Lijiang.
Straddled between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, the gorge extends 15 kilometres and is one of the longest, deepest and most treacherous of its kind across the globe. Local folklore claims that the gorge acquired its name because a tiger leapt over its swirling waters at its narrowest point in order to reach the riverbank opposite.


Signature Tour

Because of the natural beauty scenes and a large number of cultural heritages, Lijiang is known as ‘Heaven on Yunnan’ and one of china’s most important tourist venues. Since the city is based around the Jade Dragon Shown Mountain, a vast body of water surrounded by green trees.

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The Wenhai Trail

For the adventurous couple, explore the Wenhai Trail as it extends deep into a sub-alpine valley with altitudes of 3,000 metres above sea level. Cradled within a sea of verdant foliage, Wenhai Lake features a seasonally influenced volume; the lake disappears in early spring and returns only with the rainy season. The wooded highlands surrounding the area play host to a wide variety of plant and animal life, including protected raptors, forest wildlife and traditional medicinal plants.


Baisha Adventure Bike Tour

This tour takes you deep into the heart of two famous ancient towns,
Shuhe Old Town and Baisha Village, both of which were listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. Take a step back in time as the towns trace their origins several centuries back and appear in records dating from as early as the Song Dynasty. Cycle through the village and be enchanted by fascinating sights, or visit a farmer's yard and see traditional farming come alive.


Dongba Culture Tour

Step into the thrall of classic Dongba culture and take an intimate look at its shamanistic practices. Experience for yourself the age-old scriptures still in use by its people today and learn about the origins of this culture. Based on a belief in the supernatural, birthed from the Naxi religion, this cultural journey finds conclusion at the Jade Water Village as well as the former residence of Dr. Joseph Rock, a famous explorer.


Lashi Lake Adventure Tour

Laid along Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and surrounded by awe-inspiring natural landscapes of sheer beauty, Lashi Lake is an experience not to be missed when visiting Lijiang. Also known as "Paradise of Migratory Birds", this lake is the largest highland lake in Lijiang and is one of its kind in the locale. Experience unique cultures of indigenous tribes living on the lake's fringes, and relax on hilly grasslands in the company of cranes and other protected birds while enjoying picturesque views.

Horseback riding, a boating trip on the Lashi Lake, and a monastery visit are also recommended activities in this tour.


Lijiang Adventure City Bike Tour

Touch Lijiang's utter north. Park your mountain bikes in the nature park situated on the outer fringes of the pool and enjoy a mid-morning respite by the crystal-clear waters of this magnificent reserve, glistening like a smooth piece of emerald jade. Pause by the cascading waterfall to take pictures.


Liming Adventure

Descending from Lijiang to the first bend of the mighty Yangzi River, embark on an adventure and chance upon an intriguing ‘V' shaped bend in the road. This signals the start of Shigu town, named for the stone drum "Shigu", which was used in the ancient battle between the Naxis and Tibetans. Listen out for the traditional sway of Naxi musical rhythms while visiting the Stone Drum Park and the Old Bridge.


In-Villa Dining

A global offering of international dishes prepared specially for you in the sanctuary of your private villa while you and your beloved commune beneath the beauty of starlit sky.