Old Town Shopping Tour

Lying in a broad, fertile valley fringed by the towering, snow-capped
peaks of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, the old town of Dayan was built during the Southern Song Dynasty eight centuries ago. Browse through the many charming handicraft and antique shops in the old town where you can shop for a superb assortment of local produce, embroidery and silverware.



Take a canter or slow walk around the expansive beauty of shimmering La Shi Hai and enjoy the peaceful tranquillity of an oriental freshwater lake.


Bike Trails with the family

Ride a bike around Lijiang and take in absorbing views of all kinds – views of the city, Elephant Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and the ancient town.


Dayan Old Town Tour

Explore the old ancient town of Dayan old town, spread over 3.8 square kilometres and built at the end of the Song Dynasty. Today, it is home to 6,000 families and the town's architecture features many old alleys, bridges, flourishing willows and beautiful rivers. If you want to learn more about Naxi culture and customs, Dayan Old Town holds a glorious fount of information for you to explore.


In-Villa BBQ

Enjoy a beautiful barbecue expertly prepared for you and your family while you relax in the privacy of your villa and admire the sweeping views of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain looming in the backdrop.



Spend time trying to catch fish from the famed waters of the Yangtze and enjoy the natural breeze and vibrantly coloured locale with your family.


Yuquan Park

Yuquan Park has a number of charming monikers, including Black Dragon Pool Park and Jade Spring Park. Settled in the base of Xiang Mountain, families will take pleasure in playing within beautiful Chinese gardens, running among willow trees and taking pictures by the waterfall.


Cable Car Ride

Be pulled up the very pinnacle of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and experience the exhilaration of standing atop one of the world's highest points.


Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour

A visit to this scenic masterpiece is the highlight of any visit to Lijiang.
Straddled between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, the gorge extends 15 kilometres and is one the longest, deepest and most treacherous of its kind across the globe. Local folklore purports that the gorge acquired its name because a tiger leapt over its swirling waters at its narrowest point in order to reach the riverbank opposite.