Jin Sheng Li Shui

A restaurant overlooking the beautiful snow mountain and constructed in typical Naxi style, Jin Sheng Li Shui is known for serving excellent Yunnan cuisine.

Preserved Rib in Elephant Mountain Village

This restaurant adheres to the time-honoured traditions of food preparation, retaining the dish's original taste and preserving flavour as authentically as possible.

Zheng Xin Salmon Fish Restaurant

A highly popular Chinese dining venue, Zheng Xin Salmon Fish Restaurant exudes a warm and homely interior to provide a comfortable dining atmosphere. It is known for its hotpots and the specialty salmon hotpot, a popular dish among customers.

Shu He Jin Xing Ge Restaurant

This place is Lijiang's very first Naxi farmyard restaurant. It is famous for Naxi's special flavours and seats 200.