Royal Banyan

This signature therapy features the Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage where a herbal pouch dipped in warm Sesame Oil, complements the East-meets-West massage techniques to improve blood circulation and muscular tension. The Jade Face Massage improves skin condition and firms up facial muscles, leaving behind a glowing complexion.


Yunnan Bounty

The Yunnan Bounty signature package introduces Yunnan's natural gifts to guests. The traditional Pearl Barley Brightener is ideal for exfoliating and lightening the skin while the Red Rice Ginseng Healer nourishes through its pouch application. The addition of the Green Tea Tonic Mist is a soothing interlude and the Gui Shi Hot Stones Massage, a perfect warming and relaxing finale to this package.


Sweet Serenade - Yin For Her

Unveil the glow to your skin with the Soya Mint Brightener which works to cleanse and moisturise. The Oriental Massage and Oriental Head Massage improve blood circulation to your body and alleviate sore muscles.


Absolute Lift - Yang For Him

Say hello to rejuvenated and moisturised skin with the Ginseng Cinnamon Refresher and emerge feeling refreshed. Relax as the therapist compresses a herbal pouch on acupressure parts of your body to relieve sore muscles and stimulate circulation. Next, enjoy an awakening and energising Yoga Massage through a combination of thumb and palm pressure and light stretching.