Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Experience the holy snow mountain scenery and local Naxi, Yi and Tibetan minority customs. Located 16 kilometres from Lijiang, rests Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Its landscape includes one of the southernmost glaciers in the modern world. Shanzidou, the main peak of the mountain at 5,490 metres above sea level, looks like a gigantic dragon clad in white snow all year round. Access to the mountain is provided by a cable lift to Yak Meadow, halfway to the Glacier Peak. Heavily forested, the mountain bursts into bloom every spring with camellias, rhododendrons and other beautiful blossoms, and herders take their cattle, goats, sheep, and yaks to graze on its slopes. In autumn, some of the pine trees turn amber yellow, while dedicuous trees' green leaves turn bright yellow, orange, and scarlet.


Lijiang Old Town

With more than 800 years of history, the Old Town of Lijiang has existed since the Song Dynasty. With three UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Three Parallel Rivers, Memory of the World and the Dongba Scriptures, Lijiang Old Town flows fluidly with numerous waterways and canals. For this reason, the town is known as the Venice of the Orient