The Torch Festival

The Torch Festival is also known as the "Eastern Carnival". During the Symposium, you can take part in the academic side of proceedings, as well as enjoy various festival attractions.


Sanduo Festival

Held on the 8th day of the second lunar month, the festival is a traditional Naxi Festival held in Lijiang
In Dongba culture, Sanduo is the soul of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. He protects the Lijiang area and helps the Naxi people, thus making him a hero in the hearts of all Naxi people. On this day, the Naxi people hold a big festival to honor him.


Spring Festival

The oldest and most important festival in China is the Spring Festival, more commonly known in the West as Chinese New Year. Preparations for the New Year festival start during the last few days of the last moon. Houses are thoroughly cleaned, debts repaid, hair cut and new clothes bought. Doors are decorated with vertical scrolls of characters on red paper signifying praise and good fortune; this practice is believed to keep bad fortune far from family and home. In many homes incense is burned, and also in the temples as a mark of respect to ancestors. New Year's Day is often spent visiting neighbours, family and friends.