Shudu And Bita Lake Excusion

A beautiful scenic spot for couples to stroll about while breathing in fresh mountain air, the lake glimmers 3,705 metres above sea level. One of Shangrila's largest lakes, Bita is surrounded by mountains thick with forests and the sweet call of birdsong. The golden "Cracked-Stomach Fish" as well as musk deer and muntjacs, which are commonly found accompanying shepherded flocks.


Shudugang Acclimatisation Trek

Enter the fascinating world of highland floral and fauna in a remote Ringha valley. Water following its natural course is believed to be the most organic path, and the trek follows the journey taken by Ringha's holy river from vast valley plain into the soaring mountains. The Shangri La trek is recommended for first-time hikers and is suitable for most ages and ability levels for travellers in good health. Walks are relatively short, on good paths, and at predominantly low altitudes. More strenuous activities are often optionally available.


Dabao Temple

In Tibetan, Dabao indicates a holy place of five Buddhas. Originally established as a temple of Kaggupa in the Yongle period of the Ming dynasty, it was converted to Gulugpa as an affiliate of Songzanlin Monastery in the region of Kangxi Emperor in the Qing Dynasty. Before being converted into an affiliate of Songzanlin Monastery, Dabao was known for its White Sect Masters who chose to practice Buddhism here.


Songzanling And Old Town Tour

The largest Tibetan Buddhist Lamasery in Yunnan Province spanning 33.3 hectares, the Songzanling Lamasery was built in 1674 under the instruction of Emperor Kangxi. It was architecturally modelled on the Potata Palace in Lhasa and carries within it a wealth of cultural relics. During the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yongzheng graced it with the honourary title, Guihua Lamasery. Also known as the Guihua Temple, visitt its Main Chapel to receive blessings from the High Lama and bring home a Tibetan Blessing Scarf which the locals call ‘The Khada'.

Visit the valley at the base of Shiga Mountain and walk through the deep gully on the edge of the Napa Flood Plains. Stop by villages on your way to understand the ways of Tibetan folk and enjoy lunch at Dukezhong Old Town. During winter months, you may glimpse the whir of wings of the Black Neck Cranes migrate to Ringha for the season.


Dechen Tour

Drive up north along Yunnan Tibet Road to the upper Yangtze Gorge during the wintry months, catch a glimpse of rare Black Neck Cranes migrating to Ringha for the season. Travel past small villages and limestone terrain and stop by a village to admire the famed flat-roof architecture of northern Tibet. Here, you can admire the famous wooden teacups, barley bowls and carved tables in the region.

Travelling farther north, you will reach Punzera town, passing by the second largest monastery in the locale, Dhondupling Monastery. Continue onward to Baima Mountain Pass and capture scenic views of beautiful alpine flora and Baima's Dragon Back Peaks.


Rongpa Valley Tour

Drive north through very dry terrain along the Yangtze River to the town of Punzera. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and explore the old tea trading country of Yunnan. Famous Tibetan wooden tea cups, barley bowls and carved tables are all hand crafted here. Stop by a Nixi black pottery village and see craftsmen plying their unique trade.


Shangrila Culture Trek

Move your spirituality in this five-hour exploratory journey. Discover the warmth and hospitality of the Tibetan people who welcome strangers with a cup of fragrant yak butter tea. Enter the beautiful, venerated world of Tibetan culture and experience the loveliness of its unique traditions. Watch village women spin fur into long threads and tending the fields, eat homemade yak cheese, drink yak butter tea and venture into the meadows among yaks, horses, sheep and pigs. Enjoy an authentic Tibetan lunch in a real home, then travel to an ancient pine forest, home to the fabled 3,500 year-old tree and the 800-year old Ringha Da Bao Si Monastery. The trek is suitable for most ages and ability levels for travellers in good health. Walks are relatively short, on good paths, and at predominantly low altitudes. More strenuous activities are often optionally available.


Baishuitai Tour

Baishuitai is located at the foot of the Haba Snow Mountain and the source of the Naxi ethnic minority Dongba culture. The Haba Snow Mountain is an ancient area rich in fables and legends and is one of China's largest terraces. With a constant flow of silvery springwater descending smoothly from terrace to terrace, the area resembles a lush waterfall moving down the mountain. Local Tibetans also call these terraces ‘The paddy fields created by fairies.'


Nixi Pottery EcoTour

Observe a millenial-old culture – Tibetan black pottery making. The skill of creating exquisite pottery is a treasured heirloom passed on from generation to generation. Experience the most popular Tibetan village dance in the region, known as "Qingwu".


Mushroom Hunting Trek

The trek guides you through a quiet pine forest with its carpet of soft needles and evocative smells. The local guide will introduce you to the various mushrooms in the area and teach you how to tell if they are edible or not. After the long day, bring back the edible mushrooms you have collected and have the resort include it in your next hotpot.