Pudachuo National Park And Lakes Tour

Enter a fluid world of organic beauty. Visit the Pudachuo National Park and be awed at its multicoloured landscapes, then cruise along the famed lakes of Shudu, Bita and Napa. The water bodies are famed for clear waters, tranquil environment and lush flora and fauna. Catch rare glimpses of migrating winter birds on a Shangri La tour.


Shangri-la Mushroom Hunting

When the forest turns into green and capped with pine, it provides a spectacular site for trekking, picking up the most fresh mushroom along the way. With 2 days staying at Banyan Tree Ringha, you discover the charm of Shangri-la summer and lavish species of mushroom in the unexplored highland.

Promotion period: 15 July to 31 Aug 2015.

Price: RMB600nett/person, minimum 2 persons at the same time.

         Extra RMB300nett/kid below 12. Full charge for the kid above 12.

Including mushroom hunting activity leading by the guide and Tibetan Hot Pot dinner after the activity.

*Operation of the trek may subject to change depend on the weather condition.


Banyan Tree Ringha is located at 3,200 metres above sea level, comprising lovingly restored  Tibetan farmhouses that have been converted into unique accommodation. The rustic yet luxurious retreat features bathrooms fitted with handcrafted bathtub and fittings, dining and living areas warmed by a blazing fireplace, surrounded by Tibetan furnishings and motifs.


Napa Lake Horse Riding

Saddle up and canter into a lakeside adventure. Travel the vast Napa Lake on horseback and watch the beautiful shimmer of water as it reflects pure sunlight.


Napa Lake Hot Pot And Barbecue Picnic

Enjoy a lakeside feast as you relax with your family and dine on the most divine of Tibetan foods. With a backdrop of sheer alpine beauty, this dining experience is all about the senses.


Horse Riding at Shangrila's Mountains

Ride a Tibetan horse across the mountains Rotupo and Rotumo, known as Shangrila's Protector God Mountains, and taste the beauty of unrivalled spirituality in the crisp highland air.


Shudugang Acclimatisation Trek

Enter the fascinating world of highland floral and fauna in a remote Ringha valley. Water following its natural course is believed to be the most organic path, and the trek follows the journey taken by Ringha's holy river from vast valley plain into soaring mountain. The trek is recommended for first-time hikers and is suitable for most ages and ability levels for travellers in good health. Walks are relatively short, on good paths, and at predominantly low altitudes. More strenuous activities are often optionally available.


Rongpa Valley Tour

Drive north through very dry terrain along the Yangtze River to the town of Punzera. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant and explore the old tea trading country of Yunnan. Famous Tibetan wooden tea cups, barley bowls and carved tables are all hand crafted here. Stop by a Nixi black pottery village and see craftsmen plying their unique trade.


Shangrila Culture Trek

Awaken your spirituality in this five-hour exploratory journey. Discover the warmth and hospitality of the Tibetan people who welcome strangers with a cup of fragrant yak butter tea. Enter the beautiful, venerated world of Tibetan culture and experience the loveliness of its unique traditions. Watch village women spin fur into long threads and tending the fields, eat homemade yak cheese, drink yak butter tea and venture into the meadows among yaks, horses, sheep and pigs. Enjoy an authentic Tibetan lunch in a real home, then travel to an ancient pine forest, home to the fabled 3,500 year-old tree and the 800-year old Ringha Da Bao Si Monastery. The trek is suitable for most ages and ability levels for travellers in good health. Walks are relatively short, on good paths, and at predominantly low altitudes. More strenuous activities are often optionally available.


Ski Tour

Glide down the Himalayan slopes at an open-air ski resort. With three different slopes for varying difficulty levels, skiers can enjoy a natural alpine environment. Nestled in the Nixi Valley, the resort is located at Hala Village. After skiing down 250, 1,370 or 1,600 metres, enjoy a complimentary Tibetan lunch in the village.


Baishuitai Tour

Baishuitai is located at the foot of the Haba Snow Mountain and the source of the Naxi ethnic minority Dongba culture. The Haba Snow Mountain is an ancient area rich in fables and legends and is one of China's largest terraces. With a constant flow of silvery springwater descending smoothly from terrace to terrace, the area resembles a lush waterfall moving down the mountain. The Tibetans call these terraces paddy fields created by fairies.