Royal Banyan

This signature therapy features the Royal Banyan Herbal Pouch Massage where a herbal pouch dipped in warm Sesame Oil, complements the East-meets-West massage techniques to improve blood circulation and muscular tension. The Jade Face Massage improves skin condition and firms up facial muscles, leaving behind a glowing complexion.


Oriental Ritual

Experience the ancient touch of the Hot Stones Massage. The massage promotes a smoother flow of "qi" and eliminates toxins from your system. The Lavender Jasmine Cleanser eliminates dead skin cells while the Chrysanthemum Enhancer follows to moisturise and soften the skin. Feel completely relaxed with the Lavender Bath which completes this surreal experience.


Rainforest Bliss

A signature innovation by Banyan Tree Spa, The Rainforest is a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa and hydrothermal therapy with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy to create a haven of serenity, warmth and comfort. With eight different hydrothermal therapy experiences, each designed to soothe and revitalise different parts of your body, Banyan Tree Spa Sanya presents a truly holistic and rejuvenating wellness experience.

Begin with a choice of tension relieving massages followed by an Oriental Face Massage that uses firm pressure applied to acupoints on your head and neck to unblock energy flow, providing an overall relaxation and relief from tension. Once your mind is relaxed and calm, surrender your body to the therapeutic effects of the hydrothermal facilities for a complete holistic experience.