Li River Bamboo Raft

Discover the Li River and learn how the locals live on the waterways. While cruising down the tranquil river, enjoy the scenery of the beautiful karst mountains.


Fuli Village Discovery

Feel contemporary art and history thrum through the village and see the local people bustle about in their everyday routine. Steep yourself in the artistic flow of Fuli's culture with a short painting class.


Xianggong Hill

Xianggong Hill is on the west shore of the Li River, between Yellow Cloth Shoal and Nine Horse Painting Hill. On the hill top you will see the winding Li River is cradled in the arms of hills. The sunlight and shadows, seas of clouds, sunrises, and sunsets are all deeply loved by photographers, and those who love photography.


Yangshuo Adventure Experience

Enter the covert world of local Yangshuo and admire the diverse lifestyles among locals. Kayak to Liugong Village, where some of the buildings are 400 years old, and visit Mazu Temple and the hidden karst caves. Your journey continues via bike exploration as you pedal to Dutou Village, admiring the best of Yangshuo's scenery along the way. At Dutou Village, a bamboo raft awaits to carry you back to the resort.


Yangshuo Countryside Experience

Sail across clean waters via bamboo raft to Dutou Village, before cycling to Liugong Village, traversing the fresh Yangshuo countryside as you paddle. Visit the 200-year-old Xinzhai Village and stop at the tri-coloured ponds and hidden karst caves. Enter some of Liugong Village's 400-year-old homes, visit the Mazu Temple and step back onboard the bamboo raft and sail home to the resort.


Cormorant Fishing Show

Fishing with birds is an old tradition, since ancient times in Yangshuo, cormorants have been tamed and trained to catch and bring back fish to their owners.

When the evening is coming, the fishermen sail slowly on bamboo rafts with trained cormorant birds swimming around. Lanterns are light and suspend from the front of the bamboo rafts to draw fish, a piece of string is tied around the birds throat so the bird can't swallow. So the cormorant swims and catches fish and stores them in their mouth. One by one the fisherman hooks the bird on a stick, and empties the mouth filled with fish and then puts the bird back in the water to continue the fishing technique! 


Guilin-to-Yangshuo River Cruise

Leave Guilin Quay and drift along a peaceful river to Yangshuo Quay, taking in an astonishing panorama of natural scenery and karst mountains along a satisfying 83-kilometre river trip. Enjoy lunch onboard the cruise ship before being escorted back to the resort. If you prefer, a bamboo raft taxi will drop you off at Banyan Tree's private jetty.


Contemporary Chinese Art Painting

Spend a time of artistic fulfillment in Fuli Village, an ancient town that is home to some of China's oldest contemporary artists. Let them enlighten you in the ways of China's greatest art painting techniques and bring home a portrait of yourself painted with special brushes.


Destination Dining

Savour a meal atop a daring cliff or feast on oriental delicacies whilst drifting leisurely along the beautiful Li River.


Couple Spa Treatment

Couples will treasure the experience of a shared spa session, especially the unique Rainmist Spritz, a holistic pleasure to be revelled in within Banyan Tree Spa Yangshuo's pristine rainmist room.The Rainmist Spritz allows you to feel the sensory pleasure of a tickling Rain Shower in the same rainmist room that Banyan Tree Spa provides.