The Spring Festival

After the Sacrifice to the Kitchen God Ceremony, typically celebrated on the 23rd of December in the lunar calendar, people begin to prepare for the Spring Festival by killing pigs on the 27th, making glutinous rice dumplings on the 28th, and making glutinous rice cake on the 29th. On New Year's Eve, a variety of sumptuous foods is served, and the large whole-cooked rooster is ubiquitously found on every dinner table. People drink sweet sticky rice wine, and eat unstuffed dumplings cooked in a sugar syrup. The celebration of the Spring Festival does not end until the 15th of the New Year, after the eating of the sticky rice balls. In some districts the festival can even last until the 30th of January.


Wind Forbidden Day

A traditional Yao festival, Wind Forbidden Day is a colourful celebration of sounding gongs, beating drums, operatic songs and lion dance.


Dong Nationality Festivals

This traditional Dong festival takes place each year on March 3. fire crackers are lit and activities such as a reed pipe and dance competitions are held. The elderly will congregrate under the dappled shade of trees with their songbirds and young children will sing of love in antiphonal fashion. When night falls, campfires are lit and people sing Dong operas and folk songs. The Dong villages are permeated with joyful atmosphere everywhere.