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Discover priceless tranquility in China, where the splendour of nature and centuries old cultural legacy enthralls you.

Enveloped in lush greeneries and calm waters, Banyan Tree Hangzhou sits within China’s first wetland reserve, the Xixi National Wetland Park, home to an amazing wealth of thriving plant and animal life.

The luxurious resort villas in Banyan Tree Lijiang, Yunnan reflect the rich fabric of this locale. The pulse radiating from Lijiang, Yunnan resonates a symphony full of soul, peace and ethnic harmony.

In true Banyan Tree style, the Banyan Tree Ringha resort architecture reflects the local Tibetan culture. All 32 spacious resort lodges and suites are traditional Tibetan farmhouses with intricate woodcarvings, smoky fireplaces and wooden balconies that have valley or river views.

A picturesque peninsula on the southern tip of Hainan Island juts out into the warm, azure waters of Sanya Bay. This is China’s premier beach destination, where you’ll find Banyan Tree Sanya.

A destination that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate in entertainment, dining and leisure activities, Banyan Tree Macau's urban resort offers a Sanctuary for the Senses in this exciting city.

Consummate your romantic overtures of courtly love by having your wedding at Banyan Tree China.

Hangzhou Honeymoon Packages

Today, Hangzhou’s illustrious past still gleams in the reflection of its celebrated waters. The pearl that is West Lake paints a different picture depending on the time of the day and where you are standing. Names like Lingering Snow on Broken Bridge and Lotus in the Wind in Crooked Courtyard evoke just some of the romantic stories engraved against the lake’s numerous scenic views.

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Lijiang China Honeymoon Packages

Consummate your romantic overtures of courtly love by having your wedding or honeymoon at Banyan Tree Lijiang. No effort is spared in making your special day last an eternity in your memories. Look forward to a symbolic union sweetened by champagne dreams and heart-melting couple massages. The “double happiness” coupling of a traditional Chinese union is on the invitation list!

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Enveloped in lush greenery and calm waters, Banyan Tree Hangzhou offers Hangzhou’s most…


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