Day 1


Enjoy a truly unforgettable experience the day of your arrival. Banyan Tree’s signature restaurant, serves authentic, contemporary Thai cuisine. With extensive culinary experience, Thai Chef Nattapark delights diners, nightly. The philosophy behind his kitchen is to keep the authenticity of the delicious Thai flavors and ensure that the true essence of Thai cuisine is preserved in all of Saffron’s dishes. An intimate setting that caters perfectly to special occasions.


Day 2

Yoga/ Fitness Center

Begin your day by energizing the body, mind and spirit in a sequence of yoga postures performed as one continuous exercise. The program starts off slow and later builds speed to create a fast flow. This graceful sequence is also known as "Sun Salutation Yoga"

Lunch at Las Rocas

Set in an intimate corner of Cabo Marques along the coastline, Las Rocas features different menus daily. Serving only the freshest seafood and meat cuts of the season and prepared to order, on the grill. Delight in an extraordinary culinary experience, accompanied by the sound of waves breaking on the rocks.

Relax and take a siesta in your villa´s private pool and terrace

Stylish and tranquil villas, each an intimate oasis, offer top-notch accommodations, with sweeping views of the hillside, the shimmering azure bay or the Pacific Ocean.

The villa features a spacious bedroom, luxurious bathroom, high ceilings, panoramic windows, a heated pool and private terrace, all with a design inspired by the courtyard houses of the Far East.

Couples massage at Banyan Tree Spa

The award-winning Banyan Tree Spa is an intimate retreat, created to blend romance, serenity and exotic sensuality. A sanctuary for the senses and the very essence of the Asian pursuit of wellness, warmth and comfort.


Day 3

Breakfast in Reflection´s Pool

Ideal for relaxing with that first cup of brew, while overlooking the Reflections Pool.

Excursion to the “Quebrada “ to watch reknown cliff divers

Certain images spark instant recognition in the viewer's mind – the picture of a person leaping off a 45-metre high cliff into the Pacific is one of them. It sings Mexico, and La Quebrada is this cliff. Here, intrepid young men don their swimsuits, pray to the Virgin Guadalupe and jump. La Quebrada is located near the Acapulco's downtown, a few minutes from the main square and you will see men jumping day and night from the cliff edge.

Moo Kata Destination Dining

Moo Kata is the most popular Asian BBQ in Thailand, they usually use charcoal for the grill and they boil the meat and seafood with chicken broth infused in herbs with dipping sauce in the same stove.