Tres Palos Lagoon

A freshwater lagoon and home to many species, Tres Palo Lagoon is a beautiful way for visitors to glimpse raw Mexican wildlife. The locals offer boat tours on the lagoon and those who enjoy birdwatching will find no better place to indulge in a spot of avian sightseeing.


La Roqueta Island

A trip to La Roqueta Island is something not to be missed if you want to experience Acapulco. Be taken to the island by glass bottom boats that provide stunning views of vibrant marine species. Appreciate the black image of the Virgin of the Seas, patron saint of fisherman and located by the rocky islet known locally as Peppermint. Walk through the beach or to the classic Mexican lighthouse set on La Roqueta.


Barra Vieja Beach

Admire both Tres Palo Lagoon and the Acapulcan sea from the vantage point of Barra Vieja Beach, lying 50 kilometres southeast of Acapulco. Enjoy water sports, horseriding and lagoon boat tours and feast on local dishes such as Huachinango Sarandeado, a whole fish prepared in a special grill.


Pie De La Cuesta Beach

Located 10 kilometres northwest of Acapulco, this beach is known for its strong waves, making it a perennial favourite for surfers and surfing events. Catch glimpses of whales and dolphins passing through the coast and dine at one of the locale's numerous restaurants.


La Quebrada

A world-renowned picture of La Quebrada exists in the traveller's mind; a diver leaping off a 45-metre high cliff right into the Pacific Sea. Watch brave young men undergo this rite of passage with bathing suits and intrepid flips of acrobatic mastery at all times of the day or night. La Quebrada is located near the Acapulco's downtown, a few minutes from the main square.