Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon

Initiated by Seychelles Honorary Consul General for South Korea, Mr Dong Chang Jeong, the event promotes healthy living and aims to unify the locals with visitors. The first Seychelles Eco-Friendly Marathon was held in 2008 and saw a modest 330 participants. The marathon is hosted by the Seychelles Islands, universally recognized as the Indian Ocean's jewel of pristine beauty, and starts and concludes at Beau Vallon Beach.


Carnaval International De Victoria

Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria will be held over three days of celebration in an international event of excitement. Featuring a procession of colourful floats to represent the various nations participating, the carnival will unite nations and foster a sense of global bonding.


Seychelles' National Day

Each year, Seychelles celebrates National Day on June 18. These celebrations deeply involve military parades, while the Seychellois are enthusiastic about celebrating their National Day. Flower and music shows are held and cultural events are featured to promote societal harmony.


Seychelles' Independence Day

This national holiday falls on June 29, and commemorates Seychelles' transformation to an independent republic in 1976. Prior to this independence, Seychelles was a British colony and a Mauritian dependency ruled by the French.


Feast of the Assumption

Every August 15, La Digue Island in the Seychelles archipelago celebrates this religious feast. Known locally as Lafet La Digue, the event has special meaning for the Diguois and is celebrated across four days. With live music, fairs, street parties and traditional mass, your visit to Seychelles and inclusion in this special occasion will surely reverberate in your heart always.


Festival Kreol

Kreol Day falls on October 28 and the festival is a manifestation of Seychellois and Creole identity at its root. A celebration of island culture as experienced through music, dance, arts, craft, cuisine, customs and the general way of life, this main cultural event will give visitors the opportunity to experience the various aspects of Creole culture.