Activity Centre

Learn to hunt using falcons and indigenous owls at the world-class falconry centre, go on camel safari or ride horseback across Arabian sands, explore biking trails or attend a class on desert flora and fauna – the Activity Centre provides a myriad of fascinating activities and more for the intrepid desert explorer.


Archery Range

Test your aim from the safety of a specially designed tented deck. Archery is an ancient desert tradition, and here at Banyan Tree Al Wadi, it is still a venerated art form.


Banyan Tree Ras Al Khaimah Beach

The beach is a 20-minute jaunt away and the exclusive address of a glorious array of recreational activities, including snorkelling, water-skiing, wake-boarding and sailing. Sail atop the shimmering Arabian Gulf onboard a chartered schooner, or embark on a fishing or diving trip. For those seeking a more leisurely adventure, dive into the pages of a book while lounging on the private beach with a cocktail from the Beach Bar.


Banyan Tree Spa

Engage in an award-winning spa experience. Offering the most excellent of holistic therapies to soothe your soul and being, the nimble fingers and clever hands of highly skilled therapists will soothe the most tense of muscles into relaxation.


Conference, Events & Business

Your event will be expertly managed by Banyan Tree's team of highly experienced event planners. Tailoring special wedding or meeting packages to meet your unique requirements, pick your choice of venues from an exclusive desert terrain of Ras Al Khaimah to a conference block which accommodates up to 150 people.


Falconry Deck

The Falconry Deck offers you expansive views of the Al Wadi Nature Reserve and a vantage point to capture the exhilarating sight of the region's most exclusive raptor show. The tented deck is set atop a sand dune crest, among stately Ghaf trees.


Falconry Mews

Banyan Tree Al Wadi houses a variety of falcons, hawks, owls and eagles. The Mews is an indoor and outdoor facility that also serves as a training facility. It is where the Middle East's first and only falconry course is conducted, and a place for you to find out more about these beautiful birds as you admire them up close.


Kids' Club

With an amazing variety of exciting, fun and educational activities, the Kids' Club is a haven for children aged four and above. Bedtime stories under the stars, activities to learn about nature and new skills, Wii games and hundreds of engaging games and crafts make every moment at the club enjoyable for your growing children.


Nature Reserve

The Al Wadi Nature Reserve is Ras Al Khaimah's first managed protected area. Spanning 100 desert hectares across the Ghaf Tree wooded valley within Wadi Khadeeja, the reserve is a sanctuary for indigenous flora and fauna. It also safeguards three reintroduced indigenous antelope species – the Sand Gazelle known as Rheem, Arabian Gazelle known as Domani and the endangered Arabian Oryx known as Maha. Admire these gentle creatures as they roam by the villas or drink by Saffron Watering Hole.



Besides an excellent selection of good reads and current magazines, the Library offers secretarial assistance, laptop rental, domestic and international courier service arrangements and printing services.


The Stables

Traverse the nature reserve on horseback and run among the beautiful desert animals that live here. For beginners, The Stables offers a safe training arena for you to brush up your riding skills or learn from ground up.


Khan Zaman Tent

Allow your senses to harken back to an earlier time when you step into the traditional Bedouin tent set on the fringe of the nature reserve. Climb atop a camel and let it carry you out to the sand dunes where you can watch the Arabian sunset in all its multicoloured beauty.