Moisture Boost

Stimulate your body from a wide selection of body massages that uses Sesame Oil. An Almond Powder Dry Body Scrub follows to improve your blood circulation while injecting moisture into your skin. Treat your face to a delicious Yogurt Face Cleanser, and then tickle your senses with a Honey Orange Face Massage and a Cucumber Face Mask for a refreshing finish.


Hot Stones Body Massage

A 90-minute massage where heated stones are soothingly massaged over your body, along with the use of warm Clarity Oil which is a blend of sesame, jojoba and Vitamin E to exert warmth and pressure on energy points. It is beneficial for smoother flow of "qi" and discharge of toxins from your system.


Essence of Earth Body Massage

A gentle, relaxing 60- or 90-minute massage where our therapist applies long strokes and uses thumb pressure on the body's pressure points to achieve a full body balance. The natural goodness of the massage oil chosen by the guests penetrates the body through the massage techniques to enhance both physical and mental well-being.