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Xixi Wetlands Tour

The most famous scenic spots in the Xixi wetlands are Green Causeway, He Zhu Street, Deep Mouth Pool, Hazy Fishing Village, Boat Tour, Autumn Snow Temple and Xixi Plum Villa. Through the traditional hand-rowing boat tour, experience and discover the tranquillity of Xixi wetlands.

The historic Xixi region in particular was noted for natural beauty in the writings of eminent Tang Dynasty poets, and was also the birthplace of the famed Dragon Boat Festival in 1465. Today, the Xixi National Wetland Park offers a unique retreat to city dwellers from within China as well as to international travellers, with its diverse offerings of ecology, culture and entertainment.


Leisurely Xixi
Leisurely Xixi

This half day tour takes you through one aspect of each of Xixi’s essential dimensions – nature’s sanctuary, historical site, literary residence, and religious retreat. Lotus Bird-watching area is Xixi’s prime conservation spot, while Gao’s Villa is a splendid example of Qin Dynasty architecture. Xixi Plum Villa is famed as a gathering spot for poets and painters, while the tranquil private boat journey to Autumn Snow Temple shows you why Xixi was, and is, a haven from the bustle of the city.

The Xixi Classic
The Xixi Classic

Unlock Xixi’s stories with this full day walking tour that winds through hidden villas, ancient fish ponds and swaying reed fields to give you a complete overview of Xixi’s most interesting dimensions. Green Causeway is a rich display of the particular ecology unique to these wetlands while He Zhu Street, Deep Mouth Pool and Hazy Fishing Village paint a complete picture of the legends and traditions in its cultural history. Then, indulge in a private boat tour to the lone island of Autumn Snow Temple before getting off at the writer’s oasis of Xixi Plum Villa.

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