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Art/Cultural Stops
Art/Cultural Stops
Hangzhou’s famous Legend of the White Snake comes to life in a flurry of costumes, with the West Lake as its natural stage. This is the hauntingly delicate Impression of West Lake, an outdoor theatre of light, music and dance, directed by Zhang Yimou, an internationally acclaimed filmmaker, cinematographer and most notably, the director of the 2008 Beijing Olympic ceremonies. As evening falls over the Yue Lake and its picturesque bridges and courtyards, and famous Japanese composer Kitaro’s soaring orchestra of instruments fills the air, hundreds of performers seemingly glide on the waters of West Lake to put on the nightly spectacle.

A whole town modeled on Song culture is a tourist attraction beyond compare. If the town itself feels like a theme park, that’s because it is. Based on the Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival by the noted Song artist Zhang Zeduan, the Song Dynasty Town is constructed by means of realistic, romantic functionalist gardening, resulting in a vision of heaven as imagined by the architects. Bordering the Qiantang River in the south and lying close to five-cloud Hill in the north, Song Dynasty Town is situated in the southwest part of West Lake scenic area. It happens to boast another grand endeavour – a full-length song and dance performance, based on the historical allusions and mythologies in ancient Hangzhou, merged with modern acrobatics and high-tech choreography. Consider it a living history lesson with laser lights, water fountains, live horses, real cannons and hundreds of performers in lavish costumes.


Zhejiang Museum

Discover more about Hangzhou history, local arts such like porcelain, silk and gunmetal products from ancient time, located at southern foot of the Solitary Hill faces the West Lake.

China Tea Museum

Located in the Long Jing Village, the museum is a fascinating voyage into the history and traditions of tea drinking and its numerous artefacts.

China Silk Museum

Since ancient times, Hangzhou has been one of the silk capitals of China. This museum display exhibits on the art of silk weaving and processing.

Huqinyutang Medicine Museum

The one and only of its kind in China, the museum was established in the Qing Dynasty by Master Hu Xueyan, the 100 year old architecture in finely preserved and displays the medicinal heritage of the country. It has a wide collection of valuable traditional Chinese medicine samples animal specimens, a workshop and a medicine cuisine restaurant.

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Sundowners & Nightlife

A night out in Hangzhou has much to offer.


Those looking for gift-worthy purchases may make their way to the nightly Wushan market.