Key City Attractions | Hangzhou Travel Tips
Key City Attractions
Key City Attractions


Xixi Wetland National Park

The home of Banyan Tree


The most frequently visited place in Hangzhou. You can follow a scenic itinerary known as the Ten Scenes of West Lake, which includes prospects with delightfully poetic names like Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge, Orioles Singing in the Willows, and Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud.

Lingyin Temple

An Indian monk named Huili built Lingyin Temple in A.D.326. It is more than 1,600 years old and is one of China’s more famous temples. Opposite the temple “The Peak Flew From Afar” features grottoes and caves with more than 470 stone Buddhas carved during the period of the Five Dynasties until the Yuban Dynasty (A.D.907-1368).

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Built in A.D.970, it is one of the best-known landmarks in Hangzhou. Octagonal in shape and 60 meters tall, you can climb to the top of the pagoda to take in fine views of the Qian Tang River.

Dragon Well Tea Village

The most famous green tea in the tea-drinking world comes from here. Dragon Well (Long Jing) tea is well known for its fragrance and light taste. The Dragon Well itself is in the village, surrounded by Long Jing tea plantations.

Other Tips

Art/Cultural Stops

Hangzhou’s famous Legend of the White Snake comes to life in a flurry of costumes, with the West Lake as its natural stage.

Sundowners & Nightlife

A night out in Hangzhou has much to offer.


Those looking for gift-worthy purchases may make their way to the nightly Wushan market.