Destination Dining

Destination Dining

Hangzhou - Destination Dining
Under a beautiful draped tent and surrounded by fresh flowers and candles, Banyan Tree’s exclusive Destination Dining experience is a unique combination of romance, intimacy and local flavour. With your own private chef minutes away, each dish is themed and named after the beautiful scenes of Xixi wetlands, offering guests the chance to excite their senses and learn about the legends and stories of the area in the elegance of Banyan Tree’s tranquil natural setting.

Signature Dining Experiences

Long Jing Tea Appreciation Dinner

Experience the charm of traditional Chinese dinner and the relief of this favoured brew. Long Jing is a type of green tea. When it is soaked in hot water it appears as a bright green colour with a special fragrance. Enjoy Hangzhou Tea Culture and special Long Jing Tea food in a historic place in Banyan Tree Hangzhou.

RMB1, 288 +15% per person

Chef to demonstrate cooking
Waiter in attendance
Buggy pick up to the venue

Dining in Song Dynasty

Hangzhou is a city with a rich history and culture, spanning back over 2000 years. The city first made a name for itself in the sixth century, when the Grand Canal opened up and linked the area to other centers of trade such as Suzhou. The Song dynasty helped to make Hangzhou famous when they moved the imperial family here in the 12th Century. With its inviting views and outstanding scenery, the West Lake and Wetland soon became popular with numerous artists, poets and painters seeking inspiration in this little bit of “paradise”.

Banyan Tree Hangzhou proudly provides you with a touch of Song Dynasty dinner to enhance your dining experience that you will impress forever

Song Dynasty Four Flavored Cold Platter
Tea Flavored Chicken, Wine-Smoked Pork, Sweet Lotus Root with Osmanthus, Royal Crispy Fish
Double Boiled Fish Soup
with Yellow Fin and water shield

Simmered Fresh Baby Abalone
with Kim Hua Ham and Chicken

Pot Braised Pork Brisket
with Superior Sauce Old Fashion Style

Steamed Tea Flavored Prawn Ball
with Water Shield Sauce

Gratinated Hairy Crab
with Orange Peel and Bread Crumbles

Double Boiled Lotus Seed
with Water Chestnut, Shrimps in Bouillon

Steamed Song Dynasty Rice Cake
with Chives and Sesame Puff Pastry

Seasonal Fruit Platter
with Ice Cream on Ice

RMB 1288 + 15% Service Charge Per Person ( 2 – 4 person)

Afternoon Tea Wetlands Cruise

Immerse yourself in an uncommon form of afternoon relaxation. As you savour Chinese tea and scrumptious savouries and sweets, cruise along the pastoral Xixi wetlands on a traditional “Jiangnan” sculling boat.  Fill your senses with melodic sounds from tweeting birds, the rhythmic ripples of the marshland waters and the flourishing greens surrounding this perfect setting. 

RMB258 +15% per person, Minimum 2 persons and Maximum 4 persons on one boat.

One boatman hand-rowing the boat
Waiter in attendance
Buggy pick up to the venue

In-Villa BBQ

An age old tradition, a barbeque gathers people around a fire for sharing and camaraderie. Like the fires of history this is the place to eat, drink and tell stories. Experience a wonderful BBQ dinner with your friends and family in a natural setting or in a spacious villa.

From RMB668 +15% per person for Western BBQ
From RMB888 +15% per person for Seafood BBQ

One chef live cooking
One waiter service
Buggy pick up to the venue

Outdoor BBQ Dinner

Barbecue is an event that gathers people around a fire to watch, smell and eat. Like the fires of prehistory this is the place to eat, drink and tell stories.

We will offer you a chance to have a wonderful BBQ dinner with your friends and family in our nature place which will give all of you a memorable memory in your whole life.

Western BBQ

Starters (Please select four starters)

Bread basket with a variety of rolls, butter, and margarine
Smoked fish platter
Assorted cold cuts platter
American potato salad
Fresh cucumber with garlic
Cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, French beans
Dressings/Condiments (Please select one dressing)

Thousand Island, French, Caesar, or vinaigrette
Lobster and pumpkin soup

Charcoal Grill

Salmon steak
Chicken breast
Beef sirloin steak
Jumbo prawns
Pork chops

Dessert (Please select one dessert)

Fresh fruit platter
Assorted French pastries
Chocolate mousse and baked cheese cake

RMB 600 + 15% Service Charge Per Person ( 2 – 4 person)

Romantic BBQ in the Villa

Banyan Tree’s “Jiangnan” style villa creates a romantic mood for dining on grilled specialties on any summer night. Relish succulent meats and the freshest seafood - beef steak, lamb chops, jumbo prawns, salmon, lobster, scallops, - straight from the griller. A sumptuous selection of starters and tempting desserts complete this splendid meal.

Business Information

Kindly provide 24 hours’ notice for Destination Dining.