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Waterlight Court

Hangzhou - Waterlight Court
Waterlight Court is an all-day dining restaurant serving international favourites, local specialties. Every dish is carefully planned with the use of only the best, natural ingredients to ensure an entirely nourishing experience. There are two private dining rooms available for more intimate gatherings.

Signature Dishes

Hot Pot, a Gourmet’s Winter Choice

Waterlight Court features three premium hot pot specialities to help you fight off the winter chill. Stewed with a generous serving of ingredients such as red date, angelica, ginseng, medlar, codonopsis and combined with wild fungi and vegetable, this popular cold-weather delicacy makes a superior tonic dish. Fungi hot pot contains various mushrooms cooked in chicken stock to enhance its flavour or prepared with fresh abalone that nourishes its yin and supplements its yang aspects. The spicy hot pot contains refined vegetable oil and various spices which preserves its fragrance and makes it less greasy and a healthier dish.

Business Information


Operations hours at Waterlight Court are:
Daily 6:30 am – 10:30 pm
Breakfast priced at RMB158 + 15% per person