Dining | Banyan Tree Lang Co

Banyan Tree Lang Co Dining

A stellar cast of flavours and dining experiences ensure your meals at the Banyan Tree Lang Co complement and enhance your indulgent vacation.

Destination Dining

A private meal in the exclusive confines of your all-pool villa is attainable with the extensive In-Villa Dining menu and professional staff to tend to your dining needs.

Thu Quan

Thu Quan offers a sophisticated all-day snack menu of exquisite delicacies and an impressive selection of tea.


Being Banyan Tree’s signature restaurant, Saffron presents a menu that is a combination of traditional Thai dishes with a modern twist, and innovated new ones.


A casual beachfront restaurant decorated to highlight the importance of fishing in Vietnamese culture, Azura serves hearty Italian fare, sumptuous seafood and delicious appetizers.

Azura restaurant is closed from June 9th onwards. Meanwhile lunch and dinner and a selection of Italian favourites will be served at The Water Court restaurant.

The Water Court

Savour Vietnamese cuisine and international delicacies at this contemporary open concept restaurant.

The romance of design

Reflecting the cultural and historical legacy of past Vietnamese dynastic periods, the main buildings and villas are built with integrated clay tiled pitched roofs, open courtyards and wood rafter ceilings in the style of the traditional houses of Hue.