Drinking in the Atmosphere

Reclining on a lounger on powder white sands, the azure seas stretch out in front of you and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Things couldn’t get much better. Lazily you stretch out your hand to the table nearby to reach for your drink — a classic martini. Cue screeching brakes and the noise of a car crash. This is not the refreshing central character of this scene. Replay. The sandy beach, the azure waves, the hand stretching for your drink — this time it’s a tall highball glass, the exterior misted with condensation, an errant drip revealing a muddle of vibrant fresh mint, sweet sugar and the comfort of white rum within: all the makings of a mojito, the drink that hits the right spot. The right drink with a perfect sense of place.

Your emotions are also at play when your mouth is working, according to Asian spirit specialists Proof & Company. This is partly about the occasion, and partly about the location. As such, they say, a good bartender should always be able to match both the time and the location with the perfect drink, that will help to form a lasting memory of the experience.


From the classic to the tiki, cocktails come in many guises: and while the martini is not a typical choice for a beach drink, you would no more order a piña colada in a rooftop city bar. But swap the drinks and their locations, and the combination is perfect.


Time to dig deeper and explore the exotic brew of South East Asian culture: